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What is the right size smoothie for you and your family? Can you drink too much of a smoothie? Are there right size smoothies for age groups? Making the right size smoothies isn’t difficult. It mainly depends on if you’re trying to lose weight, if you are trying to gain weight or if you are trying to maintain your weight.

If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re making your smoothie a substitute for a meal, the right size smoothie would be between 28-32 ounces. It needs to have in it, however, about 400-500 calories. Since it’s replacing a meal, it also should have a lot of fruit rich in calories. Get the right size smoothies with all the calories you will need so you are not hungry to early. Use more calorie dense fruit. If you don’t, then you’ll end up using more ingredients and you’ll end up with a 60 ounce smoothie you’ll have to gulp down.

To make the right size smoothie for children, children two and up can drink two cups of smoothie a day which for a 16 ounce total. A toddler can drink about a cup a day which is 8 ounces.

For children, remember to keep your smoothie simple, and the right size smoothie will keep them healthy and energized. Drinking the right size smoothie will build up their bones and pack them full of antioxidants which will help prevent illnesses.

If you are an adult, the right size smoothie for you would be about 4 cups a day which is about 32 ounces. You can drink it as a meal, depending upon what you put in it or you can have it at a meal as added nutrition.

Even if you are making the right size smoothie for your family, be aware of what you are putting into it. Don’t make them with high fat and high calories content. If you use whole milk, ice cream or cream, you’re adding unnecessary calories. Even when using peanut butter, use it in moderation because even though it’s high in protein, it’s also high in fats. The calories can add up quickly even in a right size smoothie if you use too many high calorie ingredients.

Remember one cup which is 8 ounces is the standard cup size based on the product size after it comes out the blender. When you’re starting out making right size smoothies, you need to keep in mind that your body isn’t used to them. Starting out small, say a cup for the first week or two, then building up to 16 ounces and then going up to 32 ounces is the way to go. Drinking healthy smoothies is better for you and is a great way to start the morning, why don’t you give it a try?

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