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Drinking green smoothies can contribute to your nutrition and fitness. If you drink smoothies as part of your weight loss plan, you will lose weight too. If you are just concerned about nutrition and fitness though, drinking healthy green smoothies once or twice a day is beneficial. For the weight loss part, they help you reduce your empty calorie intake but still keep you filled. However, drinking a smoothie won’t offset a day of binging on chocolate candy bars.


With nutrition and fitness on your mind, the extra vitamins and minerals will give you more energy. You’ll feel more energized and healthier. By getting extra greens into your diet, it helps with nutrition and fitness by filling you with healthy nourishing greens instead of unhealthy foods.


Another tip to help with nutrition and fitness is watching the amount of fat you use in your smoothie even if you use healthy fats, like avocados and coconut. If you use too much fat, it can interfere with the way your body uses the carbohydrates in the fruit you add to the smoothie. It could actually cause a weight gain instead of a loss. By adding a tablespoon of chia, or maybe some flax seeds, or 1/8 of an avocado; at the most, is the way to go. Also watch the refined sugars; it will sabotage anything you’re trying to accomplish with nutrition and fitness. If you have to have something sweet added to your smoothie, you can add dried dates. However, since they are a dried fruit with concentrated sugars, you want to only use them until you’re over the sugar craving hump.

Green smoothies, along with healthy nutrition and fitness are geared to people with no preexisting health conditions. If you have health concerns, talk to your doctor first. Go over with your doctor what you are trying to accomplish and why. Explain your goals on nutrition and fitness and ask your doctor if green smoothies are the right path for you to follow. Follow any guidelines, suggestions or maybe even recipes your healthcare professional gives to you. There are studies which show that an increase in the consumption of fruit and vegetables may actually lessen the severity of some medical conditions.
Green smoothies can definitely help you lose weight. If combined with nutrition and fitness plus a change in your eating habits, you can learn to eat healthier. You have to think of losing weight by eating healthy as a life change, not as a diet. You will feel better, have more energy, and think clearer and all around feel better.

mango banana smoothie 247x300 Nutrition and FitnessNutrition and Fitness

 1/2 cup oat milk / soy milk / almond milk
1 banana
 1 cup mango
 1 spoon of chia seeds
Handful of greens – spinach / lettuce / celery




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